In some sick twist of irony, it has been one of the sunniest springs in Whistler and the chairlifts haven’t been running since mid-March. It’s early May and it looks like the world is just now slowly getting things going again. We’re still being told to stay home as much as possible and I'm impressed by how well the boarding community has listened. However, we know there are still a few people getting out and getting after it. Is it breaking the rules if you snowboard close to home? Keep it super mellow and at a distance? Where did you draw the line over the past seven weeks? This is a heated debate and varies depending on your situation, personally and locally. Time will be the ultimate determining factor in what is okay. In the meantime, I think at the very least we should try to get outside for some fresh air, and peace of mind whenever possible.

This crew of Whistler locals decided to live a little. Safely and at a distance from one another they put in an impressive amount of work and time to maintain a small patch of snow. Ryan Malloy, Gabriel Sequeira, Colin Jakilazek, and Sam Hotbread have kept the dream alive at the spot they named, Plan B. This is at the core of what snowboarding is to us, a small backyard spot with a few close friends. Stay safe everyone, and stay sane. Check-in on friends and family, and get out of the house if you can.

By Rob Lemay |@_lemay

Keeping the dream alive.
Ryan Malloy Front Board on Arena Snowparks metal.
Colin late season Method.
Ryan side view Stalefish.
Ryan Stalefish a little close up.
Gabe Melon poke.
Sam quick Crail grab.
Colin Mute poke.
Ryan little QP stall for the soul.

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