The French Alps

A topographic map is a beautiful thing, full of would-be lines, potential chutes and zones to explore. Potential is the key in this equation, since looking at something on paper is vastly different when you strap in at the top.

Thomas Delfino has lived in the middle of these maps figuratively and physically. He has adventured into the FRENCH ALPS that surround his home in Grenoble countless times and every year he extends his season far into early summer; chasing the high elevation snow. It’s this passion for snowboarding and the mountains themselves that brought Bjorn Leines and him together this past May.

Armed with their splitboards, ice axes, a thirst for late season terrain and adventure; Thomas and Bjorn set off on a week-long trip from hut-to-hut nestled high in the Alps .Two students of the mountains, the old guard and the new, represent a unique realm of snowboarding energy.

Being such remote and rugged peaks, hiking and splitboarding was the only way to access snow. A game of calculated risks, timing and preparation found these two riding some extremely unique and treacherous terrain.

Check out their journey in the new film from Rome Snowboards: Find Snowboarding: FRENCH ALPS 

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