Braeden Hyhus, Stale Fish [o] Stephen Hare

A crew of 25 plus eager shredders showed up to Whitewater Resort on Friday, March 22nd, with a monumental task in front of them. At the foot of Ymir peak lay two large mounds of snow that needed to be handworked into a half pipe. Under the direction of Mark Fawcett, and seasoned digger Tony Lefroy the team got after it. After what seemed to be 150+ man hours under that warm spring sun we had ourselves a halfpipe. Now we aren’t talking the X-Games pipe….. We’re talking more like the pipe you would’ve seen at the 89 US Open… It was naturally imperfect.

Saturday the public was treated to demos from Capita, Union, Burton, Anon, Jones, Yes, and Now.

Sunday was the main event. An open pipe jam by donation where the proceeds went to the Nelson Indoor Skateboard park. With Canadian snowboarding Icon Mark Fawcett on the mic accompanied by; DJ Lorne B, and DJ Diggs spinning vinyl, the tone for the day's festivities were shaping up to be all time. Add to that, rumours that 32 team riders; Dylan Alito, Severin Van Dermeer, and Nicolas Muller were going to make an appearance. And they did! Local shredders got to drop in, and hike the pipe with a couple of today's elite pros. Dylan Alito's one footers, Severin's smooth alley-oops, and Nico's iconic methods amplified the crew right away. With the field now inspired and fueled by Fawcett's calls for best method, best tweak, best slob air, and best huck the session went off. Not only did Mark test their shred prowess but he tested their minds with some snowboard trivia. Contestants won prizes for correctly identifying some challenging questions about the history of our sport.

In the end, it was 'Rad Dad' Jeff Pepperdine that took home the Tribute Golden Boot as the stand out rider from the session. Jeffs fluid runs kept getting better and better, and he had different lines every time. Most notably were his massive backside threes. Minipipe Dreams managed to donate $320 to support the Nelson indoor skatepark.

We would like to thank Tony and Tyler at Capita/Union/Air Blaster, Steve and Simon at Burton/Anon, Shane, Mark, and Layne at Tribute, Peter, Matt, and Colby at Whitewater, and all the volunteers who lent a hand digging this pipe. – Stephen Hare

Nico Muller [o] Peter Lonergan
Burton Tent [o] Peter Lonergan
Dylan Alito, One footer [o] Jackie Zelt
Jacob Erikson [o] Peter Lonergan
Jeff Pepperdine, Backside 360 [o] Billy Stevens
Nico Muller [o] Stephen Hare
Mark Fawcett [o] Lauren Powers Photo
Jeff Pepperdine, Golden Boot [o] Shane Johnson
The Pipe and Ymir Peak [o] Peter Lonergan
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