Is Devun Walsh the captain the Canucks need right now? The Vancouver-based factory and storefront of Wired Snowboards is a walk away from the Canucks' home barn. And with the launch of the Canucks' new jersey featuring the refreshed 90s flying skate emblem, they reached out to Wired and style god Devun Walsh to create brilliant-looking boards to stoke Vancouver's snowboard-loving fanbase. 

We met with Wired's owner/designer Rob Dow to learn more about this iconic Vancouver-based collaboration that has left Calgary and Toronto-based hockey fans asking, "where are our boards?"

Devun Walsh, Mt. Seymour [o] Brad Heppner

My opinion, this is the best move the Canucks have made this year. How did it come together?

They reached out saying they wanted to get a couple of boards made for this top-secret thing. So, we had to sign NDAs and be super quiet, which is hilarious. Saying we will do it for a new jersey release this Wednesday. We'll give a board to charity and auction a board off. I'm like, okay, and everything's been sort of last minute with them, but they've been super awesome to work with.

Now that the board has had some looks, how has the response been? 

It's been really exciting. I've gotten so many emails, and people are like, "how can I get a Toronto one?" And I'm like, I'm not just grabbing someone's logo and making it. [laugh] There's a procedure. It's gotta be officially licensed by the team.

But they said, we'll get you in touch with the head merch people in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton because the number of people asking for this board is insane.

So yeah, we're trying to explore that and see what it looks like. I'm getting friends I haven't talked to in five years trying to buy the board.

Why is this collaboration special for you? 

I'm the classic guy who got into hockey because my dad watched it. I watched this team growing up, and I go to lots of games with friends. [Devun] Walsh obviously loves hockey too. To get to work with a big organization you've grown up watching, as a big pillar in the community. It's just kind of cool. It's just good to get eyes on our brand, and for us being a Vancouver-based company, there's nothing bigger than the Canucks. 

And you and Devun got the chance to showcase the board at a game?

It was a cool experience. Walsh at the game, getting on the jumbotron and waving to 19,000 fans and people cheering and being stoked for him was really cool to see. Plus, he had his wife and the kids there, so it was a fun and cool experience for the whole family. 

Tell me about the board? What board is it?

It's The Directive, a perfect Seymour board. Classic true twin does it all mountain/park board. We said you have to go with Kenta [Goto] for the design. He had the eye for this, and the number of comments we have people saying this is the best use of the Canucks branding on a snowboard.

Now that you've nailed this for the Canucks, what's your advice for management with this team?

[laughs] Way outta my pay grade.

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