It was wet! It was stormy! It was slushy! It was fun, and the level of stoke was high! It was Ontario’s end-of-season snowboard community gathering, known as the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom.

For the 450+ riders attending the Banked Slalom, it was a chance to shred the banks, ride Ontario’s premiere multi-park set-up and reunite with friends in celebration of snowboarding, while supporting some great causes. 

New this year was the addition of a second Banked course devoted to the next generation of Super Groms 14 & under. The Groms and the Main Banked event sold out a month in advance with 75 and 275 entries respectively.

Standouts on the Banked course included National Team rider Mikey Nazwaski, overall fastest man and Megan Loney, overall fastest woman, both from Beaver Valley. While famed Beaver Valley street rider Chris Fellner won in the hotly contested 30-39 group. Industry vet Andrew Murdison snagged the 40-49 title and the Union Bindings Fastest Industry Rider Cup. Canadian legend Dennis Bannock prevailed in the 50+. Fastest among the Super Groms was Beaver Valley Snow Parks prodigy Stanley Chapman.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Vans Best Method presented by So Hip on the massive two-sided hip above the party deck. When the slush cleared, it was Beaver Valley’s head park coach, Trevor Niblett nosing out Kevin Konings and Kevin Scriver.

Despite this year’s wet weather, the parks, mini-pipe and boardercross track were packed all day. Vibes and camaraderie were never dampened as evidenced by the packed afternoon apres with beers, bbq and live music by Beaver Valley park builder Caleb Bosse’s band, Cosmic Distortion.

Thanks to snowboard industry backing, this year’s Beaver Valley Banked Slalom raised $12,000 for the local Markdale Hospital in memory of Beaver Valley snowboarder Jackie Snarr and $3,000 for the Dillon OJO Lifeline Foundation.

Shoutout to Vans, Union, Capita, Ride, So Hip, Sanction, Arbor, K2, Salomon, Oakley, Sims, 686, The North Face, Volcom, Burton, Lib Tech, Gnu, ThirtyTwo, Coal, Dragon, O’Neill, Yes, Now, Airblaster, Salmon Arms, Dakine, Spy, Electric, Anon, Smith, Squire John’s, Nidecker, ProTec, Beaver Wax, Public, ON EX Ltd, Kawartha Metals, Park Sign, Arc Media, 365 Sports, Bosse Snow Parks, Beaver Valley Snow Parks and Beaver Valley Ski Club for their support. And to event organizers Steve Jarrett, Barb Black Stu Cameron, Caleb Bosse, Dave & Arlene Robertson and James Frost

See you next year! Check @beavervalleysnowparks for full results.

Banked Slalom Podium Results

Immortals Men 50+

1. Dennis Bannock 2. Darren Robinson 3. Mike Armstrong

Immortals Women

1. Techa van Leeuwen

Legends Men 40-49

1. Andrew Murdison 2. Eric Riehl 3. Paul Chapman

Legends Women 40-49

1. Deidre Hambly 2. Lindsey Swaine 3. Claudia Hutchinson

Masters Men 30-39

1. Chris Fellner 2. Ryan Tryhane 3. Trevor Niblett

Masters Women 30-39

1. Megan Loney 2. Teshla Nowak 3. Calynn Irwin

Almost Washed Men

1. Mikey Nazwaski 2. Tyler Maxwell 3. Ryan Lalonde

Almost Washed Women

1. Kate Norley 2. Katherine Shirriff 3. Sam Jarrett

Young Guns Male 13-19

1. Evan Russell 2. Clive Huddlestone 3. Oscar Dicks

Young Guns Female 13-19

1. Sienna Cader 2. Brenna O’Brien 3. Katie McQuiggin

Super Grom Boys 10-12

1. Stanley Chapman 2. Nash Belfry 3. Kingston Hafermehl

Super Grom Girls 10-12

1. Lilith Hiddlestone 2. Sophie Moore 3. Rae Chapman

Super Grom Boys 7-9

1. Colin Konings 2. Cian Byrne 3. Peter Colvin

Super Grom Girls 7-9

1. Brielle Racicot 2. Hope Smith 3. Olivia Watson

Super Grom Boys 6 & under

1. Jack Brace 2. Nathan McLean 3. Tommy Brace

Mikey Nazwaski [o] Steve Jarrett
[o] Gerard Richardson

Andrew Rusk
Beaver Valley Park

Trevor Nibblitt [o] Chris Fitzsimmons
Kevin Konings [o] Roth Media
Dawson McLaughlin [o] Chris Fitzsimmons
Stanley Chapman [o] Steve Jarrett
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