Boardslide, Calgary, AB [o] JJ Westbury

Finn is the master of all things Salomon. Check out what he is riding this season.

“I like the Villain/District/Launch combo because they work together well. Nothing feels out of place. This setup rides exactly how I’d like it too, every time.” - Finn Westbury

Stance | “Regular, 21” wide, front foot + 9 back foot -9

Salomon | Launch Lace SJ Boa Team

I like this Launch boot because it brings together a classic lacing system on the outside with a Boa inner heel tightening system (STR8JKT, or SJ for short). No more heel lift, and you can comfortably crank on the laces. Plus, they don’t kill the feet when you’re wearing ‘em for those extra-long days. This boot is for the park-focused rider, someone who wants boots that are nice right out of the box.

Salomon | The Villain: 155

The Villain might just be the perfect rig. You can ride that sucker on just about anything, which is huge. This board really excels in the park, but it’s nice knowing that you can roll up to the mountain with one stick and have a great day regardless of what you end up riding.

Salomon | District

Pretty much the best-looking binding in the bunch with function to match. The solid highback is nice on the eyes, and it’s the right amount of soft and stable – a happy shmedium. This binding is for the people! I’ve had districts on all types of boards over the years and they’ve always been great.

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