The Friend Ship has landed!

Matt Wonbon says, "at our premieres I gave a little spiel about what the title friend ships means to me. It's really what snowboarding is all about. My favourite people to ride with are my friends, my favourite people to watch snowboard are my friends, and some of my best friends have been made through snowboarding. In my world, snowboarding revolves around friendships."

Ain't that the truth. The amount of people you meet through snowboarding is amazing. And what's even more amazing is that snowboarding seems to transcend difference. It can bring all types of people together. Thanks for that, snowboarding.

Friend Ship riders: Riders: Mike Rowan, Mat Wanbon, Corey Kowalski, Kylan Verhaeghe, Kyle Stainton, Broox Coble, James Senger, Dan Pandzic, and Pat Hrivnak.

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