Snowboarding is becoming a brilliant, vibrant, community. Let's keep this rolling.

Made in collaboration with Vans, this film offers a snapshot of the current state of queer snowboarding.

'From the Bottom of One's Heart' a LGTBQIA + community snowboard video directed by Mikaela Kautzky and supported by Vans. Run by queer snowboarders, Seen Snowboarding is a platform that hosts meetups, circulates gear, redistributes resources, and creates videos that centre queer and trans snowboarding, with the goal of increasing visibility and access for LGBTQIA+ and 2S communities.

Directed by: Mikaela Kautzky

Produced by: Tanner Pendleton, Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk, and Mikaela Kautzky

Edited by: Mikaela Kautzky with support from Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk, Tanner Pendleton, and Finn Westbury

Filmed by: Mikaela Kautzky, Jake Kuzyk, Kennedi Deck, Casey Pflipsen, Elias Lamm, Devi Gupta, and Lando Brown

Additional Filming by: Jake Durham, Bryden Bowley, Michelle Pezel, Nolan Quinn, Dustin Henry, Mikaela's Mom, Spencer Nelson, Antoine Provencher

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