Words and photos by Rob Lemay

Saturday, November 9th Norman Rudy's in Squamish BC played host to premiere Dope Industries' new movie Hi8us. A packed house was treated to next-level boarding from Braedon Wheeler, Brin Alexander, and others in the Dope family. A video filmed on Hi8 and VHS, director/producer David Brocklebank breaks the mould of using expensive high definition cameras and brings it back to the roots of early snowboard videos. Boarders and friends drove from Vancouver, Whistler, and even Ontario to check it out. The night was complete with an afterparty at Kale Stephens'. Keep a lookout for more premiere dates.

Movie poster.
E-man Anderson and Braedon Wheeler.
Shock and awe, those faces say it all.
Murray Siple, Kale Stephens, Braedon Wheeler, unknown lady and photo bomber.
Russel Lee, Bryan Bowler, Jeff Dawe, Kody Yarosloski, Matt Heneghan, Scot Brown.
Dave Rouleau, E-man Anderson, and Brian McClatchy.
Oscar Tweed artist
TJ Koskela and Darrah Reid-McLean.
Aaron Leyland with quality reading material.
More of that quality reading material.
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