Saturday, December 14th, 2019 Mt. Mtn premiered their movies PSYCH and SUBCITY at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC. Featuring riding from Lucio Doglioni Majer, Nick Elliott, Adam Franks, TJ Koskela, Derek Molinski, Tom O'Reilly, Ben Poechman, Joel Vachon, Martyn Vachon, Jody Wachniak, and friends, with support from Beaver Wax, Dragon, K2, King Snow, Stance, Thirtytwo, and Timebomb. Colter Heard is the CEO of Mt. Mtn, the man behind the lens and production of both movies. These movies are honest portrayals of raw passion, devotion, talent, friendships, and all that is Mt. Mtn. The night saw an impressive showing of snowboarders treated to two new movies, an art show of photos from the past few years of shooting, and one hell of a party. Congratulations to Colter and the entire Mt. Mtn staff for absolutely crushing it.

"This is for the culture." -Colter Heard, CEO

CEO Colter Heard
Cozy Mt. Mtn staff and guests
Cody Wilson, Kody Yarosloski, Martyn Vachon
Jeff Keenan, Nic Heringa, Jake Fine
Georgia and Sophie Nicholls-Austin, Christinith Mehain
Jesse Fox, Ben Poechman
TJ Koskela, Martyn Vachon
Matt Butel, Nick Elliott
Rob Lemay, Rone Philcox
Broox and Co.
Kody Yarosloski "Peace man"
Rone Philcox taking home souvenirs
Ben Poeachman, Ben Bilocq, Martyn Vachon, Nick Elliott
Martyn Vachon, TJ Koskela, Colter Heard
Jenny McConnell, Spencer O'Brien
Gordan Hall, Coulton Conway
Keenan Filmer
Braedon Wheeler, Adam Franks
Broox, David Brocklebank
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