Krush Kulesza is the head honcho over at Snowboy Productions. A company that puts on some of the very best events in snowboarding. Krush puts in a lot of work. Their events take a huge amount of planning and physical labour to pull off. So what does he do to reward himself? He adds in a few more events, duh. Krush truly sees the ability to do more as the reward to success. That brings us to the newest addition to the Snowboy lineup, The Prairie Run, a two-stop, two-day event. One day at Rabbit Hill in Edmonton, Alberta, and another day in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan at Shred The Red. As Krush says below, these events give back to communities that have come out to support Snowboy events over the years.

Words by Rob Lemay & Photos by Dale Bailey

"For years Warren at Easy Rider and Adam at Propaganda have been two of the biggest supporters of our events. On top of that they both run amazing shops and give so much to their communities. The Prairie Run was a way to give some love back to both. It's a great problem to have, but my calendar is booked out from November to the end of May, so the possibility of adding more stand alone events is slim to none. Piggy backing off of me already being in the area following Tales From The Village, we were able to add two midweek builds and sessions as both the Edmonton and Prince Albert season's were winding down. On top of that, Ryan from Nitro lives in Edmonton and immediately saw the value in what we were doing and was a huge addition to the week. Big ups to everyone that helped or just made it out to either stop. 1700+ KM later and I'm still smiling.

Krush Kulesza

Rabbit Hill March 28th

Shred the Red - Kinsmen Ski & Snowboard Centre March 30th

"I've been day dreaming of what we could do for a Snowboy build since Krush visited The Red for Dino's Barelly An Event in 2016. Our crew dug deep and we nailed it! It was unreal. A Snowboy feeder event like this is the perfect opportunity for Central Canada snowboarders to shine. The Prairie Run was arguably the best event to ever happen in Saskatchewan. Great partners, builders, friends, and most importantly community." #trustkrush

Adam Balon

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