Why is the sky wet or water blue? It is from this same deep philosophical train of thought that The Octopus Boys was conceived. A deeply abstract paradoxical thought experiment, The Octopus Boys is WASTED YOUTH’s fourth movie. This movie attempts to pull back the curtain on this life and figure out, once and for all, what it really means to be here, now, a snowboarder in 2020. What we found was deeply disturbing, for the deeper into the abyss we looked, the deeper the abyss looked into us.

The Octopus Boys features the snowboarding of WASTED YOUTH’s finest: The Sinister Minister Sean Barrett, Big Sexy Keith Martin, Blood Money Son Chris Curran, James “Dozer” Coombs, The Twiggy Alien Taylor “Texas Ranger” Roberts, Johan “Rosenberg” Rosen, Benoit Pageo, Dustin Craven and more.

Dozer, Revelstoke, BC. [o] Nick Khattar
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