A new Mt. Mtn. film is on its way. To keep the fans from rioting in the streets Colter Heard put this collection of old clips together to tie us over.

We welcome you and ask you to invest in a mountain that only exists in your head.

Staff & locals include but are not limited to:
Adam Franks, Alex Stathis, Benjamin Poechman, Brin Alexander, Brodey Wolfe, Bryan Bowler, Clinton Cameron, Coulton Conway, David Brocklebank, David Joncas, Derek Molinski, Don Wheeler, Dylan Vachon, ECS, Evan Stum, Geoffrey Bowler, Jesse Loucks, Jody Wachniak, Keenan Filmer, Kody Williams, Kody Yarosloski, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Martyn Vachon, Matt Butel, Nick Elliott, Pat Brobeck, Roctraco, TJ Koskela, Tom O’Reilly, & (voice of) Cole Vibert

Sponsors: Timebomb Trading, Thirtytwo, Dragon, Stance, K2, Beaver Wax, King Snow, & Dinosaurs Will Die

This footage is so old I forget who all I should be thanking. so thanks whoever you are.
Video by Colter Heard

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