A diverse collective of street shredders from around the world have consilideaded on a DIY project to celebrate filming clips with your friends. Dreamland drops this fall. Keep an eye on @tweekend_ for more details.

Tweakend will release his first street movie this Fall called DREAMLAND.

This movie will feature many local talents from here in Canada but also from all around the world, amateur and professional riders.

This video aims to show the real values and lifestyle of snowboarding, a bunch of riders who are passionate about their sport and who gives body and soul to push their limits.

Snowboarding is a way of life that makes us discover incredible experiences, surpassing ourself, to do remarkable encounters, never let down anybody on the road and stay true.

Imagine a world with perfect spots everywhere already shaped. No confusion with the police and guards. Free pizza for you and your friends. Riders are there only to have a fun, ride together, smile, no drama, no social media and good vibes.


Thank you to everyone who was involved and who believed in this project, let’s share snowboarding together.

Thank you Snowboarding ❤️


Gabriel Jaques
Fabian Fraidl
Christian Kirsch
Nathan Benichou
Michael Tibo
Nauris Putenis
Guillaume Marquis
Hugo Dube-Bouchard
Reo Takahashi 
Francis-Olivier Jutras
Jeremy Cloutier
Stephon Deifer
Michael Rotsaert
Oskar Fritzsche
Alex Stewart


David Fisher
Raph Sevigny
Tim Schiphorst
Cole taylot
Anthony Drolet
Alex pfeffer
Mathieu Bonin
Maxime Trudel
Ulysse Dube Burelle
Jacco Bos
Mirko Paoloni 
Valentin Haslbeck 
Rado Kapralcik
Jesse Rosenstein
Rado kapralcik
Mirko paoloni
Mikhail potemkin
Giovanni Scrimin
David Cossette
Raphaël Fortin
Pierre Belanger
chris deblois
laurent desillet
Chris Cloutier
Brad Smith
Troy Tanner


Hugo Dubé-Bouchard

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