Mammouth Durette gets his first cover with a high consequence Creeper to Lipside while filming for Patches.

[o] Joseph Roby

This particular spot was actually our first one of the season. The zone was recently rebuilt. Louif [Paradis] and Seb [Picard] were up there for the “bro-tow” and Mammouth took care of the rest. Tony [Anthony Drolet] was filming and getting shit on by pigeons the whole session (which looking back at it, might have been a sign for the kind of shit we would have to deal with for the rest of the season).

Time is catching up with my friend Mammouth’s body, and these hammers have left some scars that have him reconsidering his priorities in life. We may never see another Mammouth clip in the streets again, but rest assured it’s for the best. It would be selfish to be bummed about never getting to see another three-storey building gap-to-rail from the Manimal himself. Instead, we should all be thankful we had the chance to witness our friend at the top of his game. I owe him a lot for being where I am today and wish him the best, and only the best. Love you, Mammouth! Joseph Roby

13.3 Cover [o] Joseph Roby

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