15.1 The Cover | Quin Ellul

There's an added element of difficulty as a larger person filming parts - you can't get away with everything your average-sized friend does. An amazing spot, no-matter how perfect, begins to lose it's magic when the rider towers over it. For Quin Ellul, this doesn't seem to be a problem - he just hits bigger spots. 

Even standing at 6'2'', Quin Ellul makes this kink look like a monster. His big-time boardslide righteously graces the cover of the first issue of our 15th volume.

Photographed by Liam Glass in the rolling hills of Calgary suburbia.

"It had been sitting on the back burner for a while, so I wanted to make it happen. It worked out" - Quin Ellul

Issue 15.1 now shipping to shops and subscribers. 

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