15.2 The Cover | Taylor Roberts

When someone tells you to follow the light, you wouldn't often expect it would land you on the cover of a magazine - but in this case, for Taylor Roberts, it went just like that. TR takes an enlightening line down this Revelstoke stack and lands himself on on the cover of 15.2.

This beautiful moment was captured by Olly Hogan while filming for the latest Wasted Youth movie 'Slivers', which goes live on www.kingsnowmag.com tomorrow. In the meantime, listen to TR give us the low down on the cover surprise, and the process of snagging this epic cover shot with Olly. 

"Cruised in and just tried to stick to the sun rays that were all shining down on it." - Taylor Roberts

Issue 15.2 now shipping to shops and subscribers. 

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