DIY or die. The one of a kind pilgrimage to the summit of Mt. Seymour has become an annual QP spectacular thanks to the labour and love of all those involved. Epic recap of the vibes and tribe that make it happen this year. Shout out to Troy Erickson for making this vid happen.

2017 ECS INVITATIONAL Recap and Photo Gallery Here

May 20th, 2017 Mount Seymour, Vancouver BC. Thanks to the NORTH SHORE SEARCH AND RESCUE for there prompt response.

To donate click here: canadahelps.org/en/charities/north-shore-search-and-rescue-vancouver-sr-team/


Ben Bilocq

TJ Koskela

Matt Butel

Scot Brown

Kennan Filmer


Russell lee

Coulton Conway

Darrah Reid-Mclean

Evan Chandler-Soanes

David Joncas

Nic B

Colin D watt

Jordan Bell

Jeff Kennan

Dinosaurs will die

Salmon arms

cariboo brewring 

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