We've talking to Phil a bunch recently; he has a one page coming out in issue 11.3. It's been rad to get to know him better - he is a great guy. Very genuine. And he's obviously a brilliant snowboarder!

Words From Phil:

A Bicycle Tempo. This is the best tempo to dance with, you don’t feel rushed, you feel challenged. While the success of a rush brings anxiety for the next one, the success of a challenge brings you confidence for the next one.

When you ride your bicycle everything is slow, you can enjoy the view, the city noises, the nature noises, you can enjoy human contact at every stop you make, you have all the time you need to focus on yourself and how you feel. At the same time, everything is fast enough, human scale fast. The kind of fast that allows you to do everything you need in a day, going to work, grab some groceries and see some friends. With the bonus of staying healthy and sleeping well.

This video has been built on a bicycle tempo. Everything is natty speed or snow drop in, every spot is in Quebec City and Lévis.This is the year I had the most fun filming after The Bicycle Project. I felt a little more inspired last year. Snowboarding is changing with me as I’m growing up. I feel it is all about accessibility, I want to go out and ride simple spots with simple tricks. I want people to go out and ride simple spots with simple tricks. Because this is pretty, human scale pretty.

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