The Aintfinna crew is back with a 4th video, filmed fully in Ontario. It's a great, nine minute edit done by Dawson McLachlan. The riders in Aintfinna IV are Jesse Jarrett, Dawson McLachlan, Tomi Maletic, Jordan Bell, Joel Vachon, Zach Moorecroft, Quin Ellul, and Friends. For a little more insight on the project, we caught up with Jesse Jarrett and did a quick interview. See it below.

Questions by William Fraser

Photos by Steve Jarrett

How does it feel to release Aintfinna 4?

A lot of long days went into this video, so we’re stoked for everyone to finally see it. We really appreciate all the industry support we’re getting, especially from Rob Madill, Matt Dear, and Malcolm Vaughn at Sanction Snow. They've been holding it down for the Ontario scene since day one!

Jesse Jarrett, 50-50 to drop

What's your favourite shot in the movie and why?

Definitely Quin’s rail to rail to rail. That was fucked to see in person. I found that spot the previous year but thought the rails were way too far apart to actually do. We pulled up and Quin got it in 5 tries.

What were some inspirations for this year's video? For instance, are there riders or videos that motivate everyone?

Growing up in Ontario, Pocket Figures and Trash League were, and still are, some of my favourite videos to watch. Also, with Psych and Mt Mtn’s Subcity coming out last year with a bunch of footy from our own backyard, they were a big inspo for us. They got us more hyped than ever to film. And, without a doubt, the Dustbox video was on our minds throughout the season.

Jordan Bell, cab 180 to frontside 50-50

What made this better or worse than Aintfinna 3?

Both videos were sick, but I think for AintFinna IV we had a much better crew of boarders. Quin came back to Ontario for a month to film with us and basically every day there was snow on the ground he was out there stacking clips. I don’t know how he does it. It was also dope to have Jordan Bell link up with us. He knows how to handle a kink rail.

Is there going to be an Aintfinna 5?

We’re all dying to get filming again so there’s definitely gonna be another video coming...

Quin Ellul, frontside nosepress
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