We convinced, Mikey Rencz, Matt Belzile, Beau Bishop, and Jody Wachniak to hit BC's famous Powder Highway. For two weeks we lived off weather forecasts, two-stroke exhaust, GPS navigation, inside jokes and campfires. Our homes away from home would be a Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and the welcoming resorts of Revelstoke, Golden, and the wild backcountry camping scene of postseason operations at Chatter Creek


75 kilometres of the world’s most rugged and muddy logging roads ends at the trailhead to Chatter Creek lodge. Winter camping here is no joke. But the mountains are towering and humbling and the terrain offers everything we could dream of. An amazing trip closes with the best conditions of the trip. The Powder Highway was good to us, we came away with more than any of us had hoped for. Road trips are good livin’ and snowboarding is a perfect excuse to get out and go. WATCH BEYOND THE POWDER HIGHWAY | EPISODE 1 WATCH BEYOND THE POWDER HIGHWAY | EPISODE 2 WATCH BEYOND THE POWDER HIGHWAY | EPISODE 3
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