K2 hits Newfoundland's storm of the century. Enjoy the raw files and re-watch Big Band here.

The winter of 2020 was unlike any other. Our team set out to Eastern Canada to go explore the landscape of Newfoundland, to be surprised by a winter weather vortex that trapped them in the beautiful city of St. John's for weeks on end. The footage from this trip played a huge part in the creation of our most recent film, Big Band.

Pour a cup of coffee, crack a seltzer water, or open up a beer and feast your eyes on 16 minutes of raw tapes from our sessions last winter. Snowboarders: Parker Szumowski, Mark Wilson, Johnny Brady, and Nick Erickson

Filmed by Seamus Foster FAdditional Filming by Errol Elli Photography by Marc O'Malley http://www.k2snow.com

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