Birdcage | Downhill Hockey Club

We got love for the up and comers! Notably, we've been seeing an influx in videos out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Just over a week since the release of fellow Winnipeg-based video 'SOME NIGHTS' from Sk8 Skates, we see Downhill Hockey Club release their second video 'Birdcage'. Although there is a bit of spot overlap - Winnipeg isn't exactly the spot central of Canada - the Birdcage crew finds some refreshing new spots to claim as their own. We can't stress enough how flat Winnipeg is, so utmost respect for these guys for making it happen. They've progressed both in-front and behind the camera since their first release, and we're looking forward to seeing them continue to progress in the years to come. 

Featuring Brenten Wylie, Jamen Janzen, Liam Berger, Beau Mack, Kyle Giesbrecht, Cole Cyganik, Brandon Sawchyn, Pierce Barlow, and Matt Monchak

Filmed and produced by Benji Zacharias

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