bless the ledge / secret tape | Vans Snowboarding

At this point, a new Vans video release has a sense of reliability. You just know they're going to deliver something that we can't wait to watch again and again. The latest clip is different that it's predecessors in ways, yet checks all of the boxes one would expect from those involved. Parker Szumowski is foundational to this video, and bounces between places like Finland and Utah as he proves to all why he is deserving of a his new signature collection with Vans. The video also features Mike Ravelson, Savannah Shinske, Blake Paul, Jake Kuzyk, Cannon Cummins, and more. 

Notably, something that we've begun to associate with watching a video from this crew is that we'll get to see Dillon. It's normal to be caught off guard when a snowboarding video affects you emotionally, but we've grown to find it comforting. Maybe that's what we've grown to love about these videos, and why we find ourselves rewatching them so often. The Finland tribute session was particularly special - Ojo forever! 

Filmed by Harry Hagan, Olivier Gittler, and Mike Ravelson

Edited by Tanner Pendleton

Photography by Oli Gagnon

Parker's collection is surgically clean, with a lowkey black and red colourway of the Verse boot, the Standard Zip Snow MTE boot, and Skate Bold shoe. 

The Vans Snowboarding x Parker Szumowski collection is available now via and select Vans Snowboarding retailers. 

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