Sunday March 23rd marked two important days in history. The first being the closing day of the 50th season of Glen Eden operating it's fine slopes. The second being the first ever BRO-SESH on a Sunday and during the day. Gone full flip mode on y'all.

Because it was the last day Glen Eden would be open this season Will Johnson decided to make sandwiches from a 5kg jug of Nutella donated by the generous and beautiful Lesley Bridge. With a few add ons donated along the way. We then all did laps together and got wild on each feature we came to. To wrap up the closing day festivities we did the first annual "HIGHest BRO high ollie contest". You'll have to watch to see who comes away the winner.

So sit back and take in one of the most fun sundays ever, at Glen Eden.

Filmed & Edited By Will Johnson

Additional Filming By Ryan Tonegawa and Dawson McLachlan

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