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Our friends out in Kelowna, One Boardshop, just released a fun team video set in the DIY playground of Bull Mountain. The crew puts boxes and barriers in front of and after a plethora of features, the construct (and destroy) a perfect looking rail-to-rail transfer, and the tin-wall of the nearby hut even gets a little session. Take it all in below. 

Featuring: Jonah Marvin, Brayden Kirby, Mathew Wanbon, Lee Coulthard, Baylan McGraw, Oskar Klein, and Aiden Hryciw
Film/Edit: Evan Berg

"Last fall, Jeff, the manager of One Boardshop Kelowna, reached out to me, saying that he wanted to breathe some new life into the snowboard team. I have been on the snowboard team since 2011, when it was previously named Island Snow. The last video we produced as a shop team was in 2012. It was called About Time. As the fall turned into winter, Jeff brought the team together by creating an Instagram account @oneboardshopsnowboardteam, starting a group chat for the team that gets a little out of hand sometimes, and inviting some new homies into the gang. By January, we had plans to create a new team video. We probably should have called this video About Time Again… In February, we all headed up to Bull Mountain, BC, to ride a custom park built by us, and filmer Evan Berg joined us to capture it all. Thirteen years ago, when I got hooked up with the shop, it created a community for me to snowboard. It got me started filming with mentors like Baylan McGraw, who shuttled me around to street spots before I could drive. This video was about bringing the shop team together and connecting the young guns on the team with the homies who have been doing it for over a decade. This video was about us having fun snowboarding and celebrating the friendships that make it so much fun to be out there. I hope you all enjoy."—Mat Wanbon

Not when we thought when Aiden said he wanted to ride the lift. Aiden Hryciw [o] Baylan McGraw

Jonah Marvin + Brayden Kirby [o] Baylan McGraw

Bull Mountain, BC [o] Baylan McGraw

Grabbing the bull by the horns. Mat Wanbon [o] Baylan McGraw
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