Burton 'My Turn' 5-Part Video Series

My Turn is a video series hosted by Selema Masekela that delves into the unique on-snow experiences of five riders from Burton's global community. It emphasizes how riders leave their mark through their distinctive turns, showcasing the diverse stories within the sport of snowboarding. The series features athletes like Dima Luchkin, a young Ukrainian snowboarding talent, and Liu Jiayu, China's first Olympic snowboarding medalist. Each episode connects viewers to the transformative power of snowboarding and its impact on people and cultures worldwide. Watch all five episodes here. 

Defying all logic, Zeb Powell’s unpredictably explosive style has won him X Games Gold and sent his snowboard videos to viral status. It was on a tiny hill in North Carolina where he got his start. Now the world is Zeb’s stage as his creativity inspires a new generation and transforms what the future of snowboarding looks like.

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