Oil Country did it again. They produced another strong video from the beautiful Banff area: gorgeous terrain, amazing riders, and strong shots. As one of the few independent crews dedicated to backcountry, these guys deserve some respect. Shooting backcountry with limited funding is a real challenge. But Oil Country always seems to figure it out. This years video, Camp Out, is a result of living and boarding out of outfitter tents, which is a rad, and often cold, way to get at some healthy powder. Kudos.

Riders: Darcy Keller, Dustin Craven, Tyler Lightfoot, Tanner Davidson, James Banks, Murray Hodgson, Jordan Phillips, and Noah Masonneuve.

Sponsors: Rudeboys, Ride, Nitro, Vans, Airblaster, Volcom, Country Eyewear, Salomon, Industry Shop.

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