The SPAM 01 and 02 series is a comment on content. As consumers, and distributors, we are continually scrolling our feeds 2, 3, 4, hours a day, searching for something good or unique or relatable, amongst the spam. It's hard to find the good stuff. The true stuff.

Regardless, it's hard to see everything. But, this video is very good. Each person in SPAM 02 has a strong eye for unique spots and great tricks. The editing is also on point.
Filmed and edited by Gabriel Larivière

Additional filming by Simon Lanteigne

Snowboarding by Carl Beaudin, Quin Ellul, Dominic Tessier, Samuel Karki, clément Pageau, and Jordan Bell

Special thanks to Top Of The World, Ulysse Dubé Burelle, Grant Woods, and Simon Bourbonnais

Song: Ofege - Its Not Easy.

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