Cedar Dreams is a gathering of riders with different nationalities and levels of street riding experience. Originally the plan was to film the entire project in Calgary, however by the time everyone was set to arrive, the snow had almost completely melted forcing us to pivot at the last minute. Thankfully our filmer Jourdain Basaraba offered to host in Saskatoon, which by the way is mostly known for being very flat, cold and windy. We couldn't let snow conditions ruin our plans so we gathered our shovels and drove six hours on a straight, never-ending icy road. After pushing through two weeks of -30 in Saskatchewan we headed back to Calgary which finally got some snow and were able to sneak in just enough sessions to have a full snowboard movie. Despite a few harsh bails, tense moments, injuries, and adverse weather conditions we had a blast and bonded deeply as we supported each other through the process. All in all, we are so proud to present our movie to the snowboard community and excited about adding a little spice of environmental awareness through our campaign to plant a forest.

You can watch the full video at www.Cedar-dreams.com 

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