Too many, too good. Tomorrow we bring you Devun's most recent part from Wildcats Never Die. Today we get you prepped with a fist full of gems we found on the web.

Iikka and Devun dropped the Polar Opposites web series in 2011. Six years later it's still some of the best backcountry boarding we've seen. These two hit serious features and give insight into what it takes to film a part. 

Devun's contribution to one of Mack Dawg Productions greatest, Technical Difficulties. In 1999 we all wanted to be 40 Ounces Tall.

A decade after MDP's Decade there was Double Decade. Clever title right? Devun brings some slow motion style and one of the best Backside Rodeo 7's. 

The Shorty's years. One of the greatest and shortest runs in snowboarding. The Shorty's team, vibe and scene was untouchable. A Young, Brown, Walsh from 1997.

This! Dev jumped to a new sponsor the with greener pastures graphics on his first DC pro model. The grass is always greener with Billy Mays doing your commercials. 

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