Innsbruck might just be the capital of snowboarding in Europe. Located in the beautiful Austrian Alps, the city is surrounded by incredible terrain and filled with amazing people. The snowboard scene is so vibrant over there, I’m still shaking from it. Here’s the story of how I got to experience it, in the best way anyone could dream of.

I met Ethan Morgan in Saas Fee, Switzerland in October, while he stayed at our Stomping Grounds house for a night. I knew his name from snowboarding, and the actual first thing I said to him was “hey, you’re DJ Anal Juice”. Ethan loves a good party, and definitely knows how to throw one down. He started talking about that thing he was planning in Innsbruck, where they would ride street spots with snow from the glacier. He was still figuring out all the details and looking for riders to invite. Since I’m always looking out for my guys, I told him he needed Seb Picard. The seed was planted.

Words and photos | Joseph Roby

Back in Quebec after Saas Fee, I was at dinner at Seb’s. Turns out he was planning a trip to Innsbruck, for Ethan Morgan’s DIYX event. He showed me the invite, highlighting all the madness that was planned, and told me I should try to come as well. Flights were way too expensive, but it was in my head. I slept on it then said 'fuck that, I got to go.' So I launched an image GoFundMe that next morning. I sold 25 prints in a day and used the money to pay for my flight. It was on.

We got to Innsbruck a couple days prior to the event, and got to experience all the cool stuff around town. From riding Moonpark and skating Laudhausplatz, to partying and watching snowboard movies with friends from all over Europe, we couldn’t wait to see how the actual event was about to go down. The photos say a thousand words, but I’ll add: THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE.

Gotta get these legs back before jumping on a spot. First stop, Moonpark, aka Benny Urban’s private DIY in the middle of the Alps.

Seb Picard saying he’s rusty. Yeah right.

Sparrow Knox brings energy like no one else, everywhere he goes.

End of the day riders meeting with Ethan Morgan, under one crazy sunset.

Renne Rinnekangas at the infamous Landhausplatz in downtown Innsbruck. And it wasn’t even made for skateboarding.

Back to the reason we were actually there– getting all blurred up with friends.

Ethan Morgan aka DJ Anal Juice aka The man behind all the fun.

Scaffolding views. 

Seb Picard being really rusty.

Sebi Springeth blunting one out while avoiding the closeout.

Bird’s eye view of Zak Hale, with a Cab Deux.

Once we climb up there, there’s only one way down. Joe Simpson going Ape shit.

Sparrow Knox and Sebi Madlener showing up fashionably late to the show. Gotta give them credit for it.

If you haven’t seen this clip yet, you’ve been living on another planet. Zeb Powell winching into the V of destiny.

He made it out alive.

It's not a contest, so if you want to split the cheque in three, you definitely can.

Flo Corzelius straight into the crowd.

Brandon Davis BS 180 Wallride.

Splitting the best trick cheque once again between Len Jorgensen and Flo Corzelius. Thanks again Ethan for everything you did for the people fortunate enough to be attending, and for snowboard culture all over the world.

From Ethan Morgan, Thomas Bauman and Chris McAlpine:

Sit back, strap in and watch the carnage unfold as the snowboard industry descended onto the streets of Innsbruck for one weekend of unrestricted Do-It-Yourself-Xtreme Street Jam madness. On the menu was some of the finest and most progressive snowboard rail wizardry available in the world right now mixed with b-roll party footage and a healthy dose of flame-grilled rails. Enjoy!

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