dorothy | A short film following Kennedi Deck, Emma Crosby, and friends

Certified feel-good instant classic from the lovely trio of Kennedi Deck, Emma Crosby, and filmer/editor Bryden Bowley.

It's rare when you watch a snowboarding film that make you want to go snowboarding and tell your friends that you love them - it's hard to pin down, but you can really get a sense of some of the emotions that were felt during the filming of this video. Beautifully filmed shots, an unique soundtrack, and no shortage of heartwarming camaraderie will surely have us coming back to watch as snow begins to fly. 

Additionally featuring: Jake Kuzyk, Sierra Forchheimer, Robby Meehan, Justin Phipps, Finn Westbury, Dan Leidahl, Stine Tønnessen, Savannah Shinske, Bode Merrill, Casey Pflipsen, and Bryden Bowley.

Additional Filming: Brock Nielsen, Cooper Whittier, Finn Westbury, Jake Kuzyk and Emma Crosby.

Supported by K2 Snowboarding, Vans Snow, Salomon Snowboards, Fat Tire and Autumn Headwear.

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