FACEOFF | Upper Management

The UM crew out of Calgary came out swinging for their latest, 'FACEOFF'. The fellas tapped into their home turf, bounced up to Edmonton, and then over to Montreal for this last one, meeting up with friends along the way. This is, without a doubt, the best work yet from this crew. 

Burly rails, funny fuck-around clips, some stairset ragdolls, and even a little superpipe section!? A well rounded vid from Upper Management. 

Hit 'em on instagram at @uppermanagementhd and then steal your grandma's credit card and buy some stuff on www.uppermanagementhd.com.

In order of appearance; Chase Layzell, Michael Modesti, Jack Collins, Jeremy Allen, Spencer MacAulay, Kalin Park, Maxim Kennis, Steven Hoeksema, Kevin Beaudet, Lucas Comeau, Clement Pageau, and Braeden Adams

Edited by Kalin Park, Michael Modesti & Jeremy Allen


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