FEELS UNLIMITED | The Simpson Brothers

The Simpson Brothers waste no time in following up on their hard-hitting full length last year, 'FEARING BLISS'. Their latest, 'FEELS UNLIMITED' is a mid-season release showcasing two weeks spend in Oslo early in the year. It's short, but not too short, and packs a punch with proper spots in the Norwegian capital. 

With such a strange snowfall around the globe, the cities that did fortunately get snow - such as Oslo - got hit hard by crews from all over the world. Inevitably, it was a dog-eat-dog world out there and everyone was chomping at the good spots. A mid-season release is a proper way to secure first-eyes on what was filmed. 

Featuring: Wouter Groot, Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, and Mehdi Soltane

Cameo's: Hrund Hannah Thor, Sparrow Knox, Dillon Henricksen, and Pauli

Filming & Editing: Jake and Joe Simpson Brothers

Photos: James North

Presented by Spy Optics, and supported by Vans Europe and Drake Snowboards

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