Fine Print | Micro Snowboarding

Newton's Third Law states for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We can see this applied to snowboarding most clearly on days such as today, in-which new snowboard media ready for consumption offers, on one hand, mind-boggling Natural Selection airs, while on the other, wholesome approachable Canadian micro-shred short flicks, as seen below. Micro Snowboarding releases 'Fine Print' for your viewing pleasure. "Small spots, even smaller airs" - this is truly approachable snowboarding! 

Featuring: Deagan Smith, Connor Copithorn, Jarett Fleming, Trevor Boychuk, Kurtis Rothecker, Mark McMorris, Liz Tkachuk, Aidan Schnell, Spencer Rennie, William Fraser, Matt Tam, Dale Bailey, Dan Zimmerman, Aaron Santos, Adam Balon, Colin D. Watt, Craig McMorris, Jordan Bell, Kael Hill, Markus Schiffer, and Logan Toth.

Filmed by "all of the above and then some"

Edited by "some of the above"

Funded by Dan Zimmerman and Pabst

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