Salomon welcomes in their next generation of all-terrain snowboarders. This video is a true collaboration across continents making the most of what mother nature threw their way.

The entrance to a home is what gives newcomers a first impression. It provides an opportunity to express the personalities of the home through artwork, decorative furnishings, and material belongings. It’s a place to hang your coat and drop your shoes while acclimating to the warm, interior environment. Above all, it’s a place to welcome new people to the house. 

FOYER is a short movie welcoming the entrance of five talented snowboarders to the Salomon household. The future is bright.

Filmed/Directed by Brendon Hupp

Featuring riding by: Blake Moller, Luke Lund, Johan Nordhag, Emma Crosby, Tommy Gesme, Gian Sutter

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