Garden Cup • Stage 3 @ Frank's

The show is coming to an end. If you’re reading this from eastern Canada, you just got peed on by 100mm of rain. What a great fucking way to celebrate Christmas and the beginning of winter. Perfectly sums up this past year. And if you’re out West, kick up a face shot for the rest of us. Although it just rained, this third stage at Frank April’s backyard was the coldest of the season so far. Something like -25 degrees, should I even say “Classic”?

We all gathered responsibly in Notre-Dame du Portage, two hours north of Quebec City, where Frank just moved. Even though it’s chilly in the winter, can’t wait to check out his new pizza place in the summer. The sun was shining, the brews were freezing, but the smoked meat sandwiches were warm and welcoming. Hope you liked the Garden Cup. See you next year!


Watch Stop 2 | GARDEN CUP @ REMY’S

Recap and Gallery by Joseph Roby [o] @jos_robyphoto

Supported by | Salomon Snowboards, Arbor Snowboards, Empire & Boutique Homies

Shitty Ranking Chart for Stage 3

10 pts – Mammouth Durette

9 pts – Phil Jacques

8 pts – Louif Paradis

7 pts – Seb Picard

6 pts – Phil Couture

5 pts – Youri

4 pts – Frank Bélanger

3 pts – Frank April

2 pts – M.A.S.

1 pt – Steph Fortier

TOP 5 Overall Ranking

1st Seb Picard

2nd Phil Jacques

3rd Louif Paradis

4th Mammouth

5th Frank April

Frank bought these iron angles many winters ago. Hopefully, they won’t be seen anywhere else soon.

How many dummies does it take to start a fire?
Ever heard of the Smith limo? Here’s the 2020 version.

Mammouth going sideways in the morning light.

Phil Couture FS 360 on a backyard 20-foot jump.

Steph Fortier stretching.

Phil Jacques handles the jump like a chef, but nothing like Chef Coté handles the BBQ.

Frank April Switch poke with a view.

This guy doesn’t need an introduction anymore, MVP.

Seb Picard, thank you for taking 2 seconds to chill and do a BS 180.

Youri going one foot, but forgetting to put his socks on.

Phil Couture, pleasing the photog.

Louif on the speed bonk.

Spicing it all up for the grand final.

Louif, 20 foot gap to FS board.

Frank Bélanger, 20 foot gap to FS board.

M.A.S. blunting into the sunset.
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