It’s not a contest, it’s not a production, it’s not a gathering, it’s a little bit of everything. In a time where everyone is making tremendous efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic, what is snowboarding’s place? We wanted to come up with something that would allow us to be together, to ride together again, in a format that would be Covid conscious. It’s part of our responsibility, as members of the snowboard industry, to be examples for the people looking at us. Three stops, twelve invited riders, two filmers, a photographer, a Chef Coté, no crowd, masks. Everyone votes for their respective Top 3, and the winner leaves with eternal glory, nothing else. Who’s got Quebec’s best backyard set up? Here’s the Garden cup.

First stage took place at Louif’s infamous backyard. Back 270s, rainbows, quarterpipes, what else? Korean Tacos and Crème brulée by Chef Coté.

Recap and Gallery by Joseph Roby [o] @jos_robyphoto

Supported by: Salomon Snowboards, Arbor Snowboards, Empire & Boutique Homies

Points For Stage One

11 pts - Louif Paradis

10 pts - Seb Picard

9 pts – Phil Jacques

8 pts – Mammouth Durette

7 pts – Youri Desjardins

6 pts – Marc-André Séguin

5 pts – Frank April

4 pts – Russel Beardsley

3 pts – Steph Fortier

2 pts – Frank Bélanger

1 pt – Phil Couture

Believe me, they like to build it as much as riding it, maybe even more. Louif Paradis, Method on a QP made out of his old balcony.

Mammouth had to leave early to go to work, but he made sure he had time to do a switch front blunt on the rainbow.

Would have had to shoot sequences all day to give justice to Seb’s trick.  Seb Picard, Hardway BS 180.   

You don’t want to start a Messenger conversation with Frank. Frank April, Nosepress Tailgrab.

Steph could have been our chef, but the pizza wooden stove was too heavy to carry. Steph Fortier, BS Lipslide.

Marc-André Séguin going “Under the balcony” to Nosepress.

Frank Bélanger, Cab270 lip.

Pulled pork tacos? Let’s fucking go!

Rémy “Big Ray” Fournier warming up.


Seb Picard, switch FS nose pretzel out.

Hey Phil, do a switch front blunt. Phil Couture, Switch FS blunt.

Russell Beardsley, FS board pop over.

Plants o’clock. Phil Jacques, FS invert.

Photo of the day, Louif wins on his home turf for the first stage of the Garden Cup.

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