Garden Cup • Stage 2 @ Remy’s

Did you like the first stop? Do you kinda wish you were there? Was it the tacos or the rainbow? A little bit of everything? Well, here’s more. Maybe you’ve noticed, perhaps not, the Garden Cup format and graphics were inspired by the world of Mario Kart. To be honest, we came up with that idea only a couple of days ago, after the events went down. That means riders didn’t really know their name would end up in a shitty ranking chart. Would you have ridden better knowing that? We’ll never know. Although you shouldn’t take any of that too seriously, expect the overall winner to be the real MVP of the series.

For the second stage, we stopped by the good ol’ rusty backyard of our friend Remy Fournier. Big Ray definitely maxed out the potential of his garden. Building quarter pipes with anything he could find, adding some funky blue stair sets for the street cred, and by using every inch of snow he could find. And man, these hot dogs, homemade mayo and potato salad by Chef Côté? Oh my.

Recap and Gallery by Joseph Roby [o] @jos_robyphoto

Supported by: Salomon Snowboards, Arbor Snowboards, Empire & Boutique Homies

Shitty Ranking Chart for Stage 2

12 pts – Seb Picard
11 pts – Remy Fournier
10 pts – Phil Jacques
9 pts – Vince Grandmaison
8 pts – Louif Paradis
7 pts – Frank April
6 pts – Marc-André Séguin
5 pts – Phil Couture
4 pts – Phil Trifiro
3 pts – Youri Desjardins
2 pts – Steph Fortier
1 pt – Russell Beardsley

Riders meeting. Big Patron speaking.

Stapping in two meters away from each other. Big Ray thought about every detail.

The circular saw still on the QP for last minute adjustments. Louif Paradis, FS Blunt.

MAS planting one down.

Phil Couture can plant too.

Big “Plant” Ray. His last day of snowboarding for the season, knee surgery went well, heal quick Rem.

Vince Grandmaison, back on board for a switch FS blunt.

The man with a plan. Chef Côté flashing off his huge wiener, literally.

Frank April Signature.

Anthony Drolet taking a Union fiver.

Really liked Phil Trifiro’s switch nose press, but the dude in front really makes the photo special.

Probably the only time of the day Seb wasn’t spinning over a 180 onto a rail. Seb Picard, switch BS Lip.

Youri, Air to Fakie. Guess who’s pro model this board is, and win a wiener!

Phil Jacques, and something looking like a backyard.

Julien Choinière voting for his Top 3 at the end of the day.

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