Despite the multitude of obstacles presented when filming for a street part in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Gregor Zed makes it look easy. Gregor and I have been filming together for years, and I’ve never met someone who stays so positive while attacking 100+ ft kink rails. Over the last couple years, I’ve only been able to watch from afar through the lens of the BLP Boarders (whose shots make up much of this video) as Gregor threw his lanky frame off an array of increasingly-impressive features in Calgary. So, when Gregor hit me up to shoot here in Halifax, I cleared my schedule. The resulting sessions were far from disappointing; in the span of less than a week, Gregor was able to beef-up this part for his latest creative brainchild: Flower. Gregor has a knack for getting creative tricks on spots that would have been invisible to many others: a drop-in where overgrown bushes posed as much of a threat as security guards, a couple quick three-piece combos on rails that would hardly be big enough to skateboard on, and a sketchy kink rail that many could only hit in their dreams. It’s not hard to imagine what the future holds for a snowboarder as talented as Gregor, but Flower sets a high standard that won’t be soon forgotten. –Adrian Schaap

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