A couple Saturdays ago, January 26, Timebomb Trading held the 2nd annual Hail The Rail event up on Mt. Seymour with support from Salmon Arms, Cariboo, Dragon Alliance, ThirtyTwo, Stance, and Sandbox.

This was neither your typical rail jam, nor your standard list of competitors. It was a shred party with roughly 75+ riders of all types, ages, styles, etc. 

It’s hard to tell what year it is by looking at the group of boarders that was there. The stances are getting a little tighter (almost 90’s tight but not zero zero), there was even someone riding an original Shorty’s board up there, and at the same time, the level of riding is easily a few years ahead of its time.

Stand out boarding goes to Marty Vachon, just have a look at the video. Honourable mention has to go to Keenan Filmer who only had about 40 minutes to ride before having to leave, but not before getting after it. 

A highlight of the event was Bryan Bowler and Nick Elliott getting their signature pro model mitts from Salmon Arms. Pretty much lifelong friends, the duo make a perfect pairing. 

Check out the photo recap from our very own Rob Lemay with a tight video edit from the rad dad behind the event Matt Heneghan.

Dave Rouleau, Switch Front Board [o] Jarrod Au
Keenan Filmer, Gap 270
Adam Franks, Ollie
Dave Rouleau, Back Lip
New Salmon Arms duo Bowler and Elliott pro model mitts unveiled
Bowler Mitts
Marty Vachon x2, Front Blunt to Board
@mt.mtn Lucio and Nick
Jarrod Au
Heneghan is hyped
Derek Molinski, Switch Front Board Pretzel
Derek Molinski, Boardslide Transfer
Clinton Cameron, Back Tail
Amano Sachi, Boardslide
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