Some movie projects can feel a bit forced, with a bunch of random people put together and expected to make something happen. This wasn’t the case here. HEXAGON felt more like a group of friends hanging out, who just happen to like filming snowboarding. They also happen to be really good at it, and each of them brought their own flavour to the table. Toni Kerkela’s steeze, Sebi Springeth’s power, Kas Lemmens’ style, Dominik Wagner’s relentlessness, Max Zebe’s looseness and Benny Urban’s precision. All of this combined with Marco Morandi’s dedication behind the camera made for a pretty special project, and it was a real pleasure to join and see this crew going to work last winter.

Featuring: Toni Kerkela, Sebi Springeth, Kas Lemmens, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, and Max Zebe

Filmed by Marco Morandi, Tim Schiphorst, and Alex Pfeffer

Directed and edited by Marco Morandi

Graphics by Pwee

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