Holy Bowly is a week-long session of the most innovative transitional features created. Hips, flower pots, sniper trannies, snake runs, gaps, more gaps and even a toilet bowl. It all gives this course a skatepark feel. There is no other gathering as unique, fun and inspiring for snowboarders as Holy Bowly! Every rider has their own style and vision of how to ride the course. No bibs necessary… Snowboy productions headed to Sunshine Village in Banff for Holy Bowly’s Canadian debut. After the week-long session, the course was opened to the public for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to Krush Kulesza and the Snowboy team, Lib Tech, Sunshine Village and Monster Energy. - Mark Stan Wlodarczyk

Featuring: Tucker Andrews, Gus Warrington, Shawn Colley, Johan Rosen, Seb Grondin, Andy James, Stefan Krumm, Garrett Knochenmus, tom Honey, Stefanie Honey Haines, Noah Maisonneuve and many more! 

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