Seb Picard, Mammouth Durette, and Remy Fournier hit the streets of Old Quebec where the beautiful architecture is matched by Anthony Drolet's ability to capture it all.

March 18th, 2020

Borders were closings, tourists were leaving, which left us wondering. Wondering if these were our last days out of the season. Well, they were. Home Alone was filmed in two afternoons walking around our famous backyard, making the most of the empty streets and historical monuments. Social distancing was still a new thing “back then”, and we definitely felt like something wasn’t right. Since then, most of us have been like everyone else, chilling at home, wondering what spring could have been, while Mammouth has been our hero working full time at the hospital. We haven’t talked much, but I'd bet 20 bucks he’s been working overtime, and by that I mean literally asking for extra shifts.

This short video is a prologue/teaser, to what you can expect to be another masterpiece from one of the finest crews out there, dropping next Fall. More stuff to make you wait coming soon.

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