Homie Bowly | Holy Bowly 2024

With the majority of resorts across North America closed down for the summer, most of us find ourselves in a weird transition period where we are still snowboard-brained, yet the world around us charges full steam ahead into summer. It's people like Colin Jakilazek, who just aired out a nice lil Canada-centric Holy Bowly recap, who are helping keep us winter-minded people holding on for a few more days. Peep 'Homie Bowly' below, and then go put on a pair of shorts or something... 

Featuring: Garrett Baker, Jacob Mortensen, Liam Berger, Matt Tam, Jacob Legault, Mike Stastook, Nathan Roy, Matt Williams, Laura Rogoski, Keenan Demchuk, Jamieson Yee, Chad Nicholson, Crystal Legoffe, Eric Martin, and Truth Smith

Film/edit: Colin Jakilazek

Additional Editing: Jamieson Yee

Cover Photo: Stephen Jende 

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