Knights of the Brown Table | Brown Cinema

People throw around the term "full length" rather liberally these days, but for real, this is a full length snowboard film. Clocking in just under an hour, with an absolutely stellar cast, it's worth saving this one for optimal watching on the largest screen you have access to. Phone-zoning this one just won't cut it. Shouts Brown Cinema and Torment for this piece! 

Starring: Sam Taxwood, Gabe Ferguson, Severin Van Der Meer, Brandon Cocard, Nik Baden, Jared Elston, Blake Paul, Parker Szumowski, Cale Zima, Mason Lemary, and Iikka Backstrom

Filmed by: Brock Nielsen, Jake Price, Jonah Elston, Ian Boll, Dylan Ross, Shane Charlebois, and Willem Jones

Edited by: Brock Nielsen

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