'Layers' + 'Cake' | Nitro Snowboards Double Feature

Nitro Snowboards comes out with not one, but two full length videos for their fall 2023 offerings. 'Layers' and 'Cake' both stem from the same love of snowboard culture, but offer different stories and creative output. 

Nitro went hard for these releases, read a brief breakdown from the Nitro desk before smashing the play button:

LAYERS is a featured film documentary dedicated to discovering and celebrating the unique people, places, personalities, and layers behind what we call snowboarding. Since the beginning snowboarding has been more than just the act of using a toy during the winter months; an unintentional global culture has been created. There is more to it than what you see on TV, X-Games, the Olympics, video parts, social media, and your favorite pro's Instagram Feed. Snowboarding is the collective of individual local passion for the people, places, community, and the act of sliding with a smile worldwide.

CAKE is a full-length featured snowboard film by Nitro Snowboards, which is part of the LAYERS documentary project based on exploring the culture of snowboarding. The CAKE is only possible through the layers' efforts and stability and motivates the progression of culture and new generations to progress. The deeper the layers, the better the CAKE!

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