Paid Programming presents Less Than Lost, a short film shot in Ontario. Spots, trick selection, editing and vibes are on point with this one. Make sure to check out Paid Programming's website, where you can buy merch and support the crew. That Chris Fitzsimmons zine might be the stocking stuffer of the year!

From Paid Programming: "It’s been an interesting year for everyone, dealing and adapting with ever changing government restrictions due to COVID. With ski resorts shut down in our area and a stay at home order issued with heavy fines, our goal of filming a video was a little more challenging than it should’ve been. There was a lot of uncertainty about what we could and couldn’t do, but it didn’t stop us from getting out there.

Our scene in Ontario is quite unique, a lot of our homies live a 2–3-hour drive away. We’re really spread out, so you can imagine the distance we had to overcome to board together. You really have to love your friends to put up with those drives. Last Winter consisted of a lot of day missions, wherever the snow fell we’d go and try to film. It was bittersweet as the day would come to an end, and we’d all have to go our separate ways. With lots of time to reflect on our way home, these short days really made us appreciate the moments we got to spend with each other. 

Looking back, it was cool to see the devotion everyone had towards the project, I think a lot of us had grown up aspiring to make videos and this was our chance to come together and make it happen.”

Featuring Tomi Maletic, Jesse Jarrett, Dawson McLachlan, Vinny Laz, Quin Ellul, Chris Fellner, Mike Rotsaert, Morgan Richter, Mike Shoreman, Dave Zaugg, and friends. Edited by Jesse Jarrett and Vincent Laszlo

Filmed by Jesse Jarrett, Vinny Laz and Pat Quesnel

Thank you Matt Dear, Rob Madill, Malcom Vaughn, Charles Javier, Stu Cameron, Jay Shoemaker, Jeff Keanan, Sean Genovese, Ashley Braun, Mike Behagg, Quin Ellul and Chris Fitzsimmons.

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