Life is Plastic | Movie by Mikaela Kautzky and Abby Furrer

The snowboard community is a better place thanks to people like Mikaela Kautzky and Abby Furrer. After hosting some of the best premieres of the fall - cue the karaoke sing along - their full movie 'Life is Plastic' just went live on the Torment channel and we couldn't be more excited about it. 

Photo: Mikaela Kautzky

The video differs from the male-centric norm of snowboarding videos, and centralizes around women and queer snowboarders. The video is refreshing, and shys away from the rhetoric of "bigger, faster, stronger" that can be overbearing - and alienating - in snowboarding media. The time and effort put into the filming of the video, the creation of Barbie's house (and gear), and the premiere tour is a testament for the passion that Mikaela and Abby share for making snowboarding more accessible.

In order of appearance: Maria Hilde, Devi Gupta, Casey Pflipsen, Lando Brown, Sierra Forchheimer, Sophia Zhichkina, Stine Tønnessen, Jess Sung, Jane Lakes, Zoë Schultz, Ines Allardins, John Jarvis, Zuleyyma, DANI YOUR DARLING, Ryme Lahcene, Finn Westbury, Chelsea Dore, Beth Wilson, Isablle Aubry, Krista Rose, Cori Stevens, Una Farrar, Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk, Lucy Prior, Sophia Walters, Adel Talyspayeva, Raiky Garcia, Winter Ruby, Kianah Hyatt, Kim Cote, Christine Leak, Bryanne Papp, Jenaya Jenkins, and Taylor Davies

Filmed and edited by: Mikaela Kautzky

Produced by Abby Furrer

Coloured by Diego Meek

Barbie set design and special effects: Mikaela and Diego

Additional filming by: Diego Meek, Abby Furrer, Taylor Davies, J Deforge, Josh Tranby, Elias Lamm, Tanner Pendleton, Stine Tønnessen, Bryden Bowley, Vinny Laz, Dean Keller, Harry Hagan, and Brad Hughes

A special thank you to Desiree Melancon who reminded us to take up space.

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